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Due to the weather I won't be in lecture today. On your own, please check out what I was going to show you on the internet today:

WWW Maps - maps of the internet - see how the internet is structured.

World Connectivity - who is "plugged in" to the internet and who is not? Why not? What does this map say about the position of Africa in the contemporary world economy?

Languages in Africa - We briefly discussed the immense diversity of cultures and languages in African countries. Here you have a comprehensive list along with number of speakers, language families, and links to similar languages.

Maps of Africa: maps Africa, Africa Maps from the PCL at UT

and check out the websites for the class to get ideas for your term paper. On any other days Alan misses due to weather, you should use that time to do research for your papers online or in the Library.

Wednesday we should have the computer cart in the classroom ES418 so I can answer any questions then.