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GEOG 321
Winter 1998
Western Washington University



Term Paper: You will be required to turn in a term paper with at least ten references from scholarly journals, books, and websites.

The papers should be double-spaced and typed, and should be between six-eight pages in length, excluding references and illustrations.

Papers need to be typed, consistent in style, and well written.

A deep, full treatment of a limited subject will be more valuable to you than a broad-brush survey of a larger question.

Papers must discuss environmental and social impacts of interventions and have a regional emphasis.

Most importantly, the paper must include concepts and ideas discussed in this course with an emphasis on spatial or temporal aspects.

Sample topics: physical landscapes and management strategies in Ivory Coast, women's initiatives in Chad, upgrading rural infrastructure in Zambia, community-based cooperatives for processing textiles in Kenya, African entrepreneurship and smallscale industry in Madagascar, Sahel shrubland and water conservation strategies, response strategies to deforestation in Democratic Republic of the Congo, chattel slavery and the Middle Passage, desertification in Niger -- fact and fiction, patrilineal and matrilineal inheritance in The Gambia.

Papers are due Wednesday, March 4. Outlines and bibliographies for the papers are due Friday, February 6. Late papers will be penalized or not be accepted. Please make use of the Writing Center (you can sign up for appointments at the Center). The Writing Center has many self-help resources including style manuals and writing guides such as The Guide: Writing at Western and A Short Guide to Writing about Social Sciences.
See the syllabus for more information.


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