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Agriculture in Africa

Saharan History

Kenya Crops

East Africa Vegetation Index

Agricultural patterns: traditional vs. modern

African Agriculture links:

U. Penn Africa: Food & Agriculture

Small-holder Agricultural Development Special programmes in East and Southern Africa

Old Farming Methods in Africa

PCG Links between Environment and Agriculture in Africa

"Lost Crops of Africa: Volume I: Grains"

Other Agriculture links:

Agroecology News and Perspectives

Center for Agroecology/Sustainable Agriculture at the U. of CA @ Santa Cruz

Agroecology/Sustainable Agriculture at the U. of Illinois

Agroecology versus Inpu t Substitution: A Fundamental Contradiction of Sustainable Agriculture

Agroecology in Action

Agriculture, Horticulture, and Natural Diversity

Food First - Program Highlights

ORGANIC AGRICULTURE UNTIL 1999 Contribution of Organic Agriculture to Sustainable Development


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