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The Division of Labor into Sectors of the Economy:


Primary Sector - harvest or extract raw materials and resources directly from the earth.
Examples: farmers, miners, fishermen, loggers.


Secondary Sector - manufacture or process raw materials into something useful and marketable, thus adding value.
Examples: Assembly line worker, baker, cook, artist.


Tertiary Sector - distribution of goods, connecting the producer with the consumer through trade, provide personal and professional services.
Examples: Retail sales, waiter, bellhop, maid.


Quartenary Sector - information services; technological production, processing, and dissemination; administration.
Examples: Accounting, research and development, manager, teacher.


Quinary Sector - highest level decision makers, CEOs, movers and shakers, the brains of the operation, the headquarters.
Examples: The head people in a corporation, a subsidiary, or other institution.