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GEOG 321
Winter 1998
Western Washington University


Selected World Wide Web Sites for Africa

(Some Web sites continually change their structure and content, so the information listed here may not always be available.--Ed.)


CNN Online Page-- 24-hour video news channel. News, updated every few hours, includes text, pictures, and ÞIm. Good external links.

C-SPAN ONLINE especially C-SPAN International on the Web for International Programming Highlights and archived C-Span programs.

international Network Information Center at University of Texas- has pointers to international sites, including Africa, as well as African Studies Resources.

Political Science RESOURCES- gateway to sources available via European addresses. Listed by country name.

ReliefWeb-'s Department of Humanitarian Affairs clearinghouse for international hue manitarian emergencies. Has daily updates, including Reuters, VOA, PANA.

Socia1 Science Information Gateway (SOSIG)- of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). It catalogs 22 subjects and lists developing countries, URL addresses.

United Nations System- is the official Web site for the United Nations system of organizations. Everything is listed alphabetically. Offers: UNICC; Food and Agriculture Organization.

UN Development Programme (UNDP) and current information on world poverty, Mission Statement, UN Development Fund for Women, and more. Be sure to see Poverty Clock.

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)- policy regarding assistance to African countries is available at this site.

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Home Page--http://www. site includes publications of the CIA, such as the 1996 World Fact Book, 1995 Fact Book on Intelligence, Handbook of International Economic Statistics, 1996, and CIA maps.

U.S. Department of State Home Page- by categories: Hot Topics (i.e., 1996 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices)' International Policy' Business Services.

World Bank Group- (i.e.' press releases' summary of new projects' speeches)' publications' topics in development' countries and regions. Links to other Þnancial organizations.

World Health Organization (WHO)- Maintained by WHO's headquarters in Geneva' Switzerland' uses Excite search engine to conduct keyword searches.

World Trade Organization include foundation of world trade systems' data on textiles' intellectual property rights' legal frameworks' trade and environmental policies' recent agreements' etc.


Africa News Web Site: Crisis in the Great Lakes Region- n News Web Site on Great Lakes (i.e.' Rwanda' Burundi' Zaire' and Kenya' Tanzania, Uganda). Frequent updates, good links to other sites. Can order e-mail crisis updates here.

African Policy Information Center (APIC)/- -Developed by Washington OfÞce on Africa to widen policy debate in the United States on African issues. Includes special topic briefs, regular reports, and documents on African politics.

Africa: South of the Sahara- headings, Topics and Regions, will lead to a wealth of information.

African Studies WWW (U.Penn) excellent site will lead you to facts about each African country: news' statistics' and links to other Web sites.

Great Horn Information Exchange- will Þnd information about African problems and humanitarian efforts to solve them, compiled by the U.S. Agency for International Development. Development links:

Library of Congress Country Studies- are 71 countries that are covered in the continuing series of books available at this Web site. At least a dozen of them are in Africa.

South African Government Index- site included links to government agencies. Provides information on structures of government and links to detailed documents.

Weekly Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg)-- electronic daily South African newspaper (see especially What's New on Web). Includes archived back issues of newspapers. Good links to other links related to Africa.


Additional individual-country information can be located at the following sites:




South Africa-


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from: Annual Editions: Africa Dushkin/McGraw Hill 1997
for use by students in Geography 321 winter 1998 at Western Washington University.

The South African Body Politic: Space, race, and heterosexuality

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