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Week 10

Questions on The Harvest, Tainted Corn, and Land Labs

Tuesday: Please prepare a quote to share with the class. "Focus on how you feel personally about each of the issues brought up in the articles, such as traditional agricultural techniques, chemically enhanced farms, and genetically modified crops. Also think about how all three articles are related."

Thursday: Pay attention to the different views of the Lacandones and immigrants to the forest regarding farming methods. Carefully read "Land Labs" and "Tainted Corn" and focus on the advantages/disadvantages of modern and traditional agricultural techniques.

In addition to thinking of two things that stood out as interesting to them in the article, students should consider the interests of the Lacandon, rogue farmers, and Mexican Government. What pressures do these groups feel that dictate their decisions on farming techniques? The article depicts the rogue farners and government as the "bad guys". Is the necessarily true?
After reading the second article and seeing Tuesday's video, what are the pros and cons of chemical vs natural farming? Why don't all the famers just switch to natural farming?
For the third article, is it ethical to genetically alter nature? Are we benefitting or losing from it?

additional questions:
1. Name two problems associated with slash and burn farming.

2. The Lacadons are descendants of which group?

3. Name some characteristics of Mayan Agriculture that made the system effective.

4. What made the Lambert farm more fertile than the Clausen farm?