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Discussion week eleven - Women and the Green Revolution, Nobel Laureates Appeal

Questions for discussion:

Tuesday: For discussion our group is going to seperate the class by women and men. The men are going to take the position of the women who live with the green revolution, against those that are behind the green revolution. Each side will argue why their opinion on the matter is better than the others.

Thursday: Know the main cocepts of the Green Revolution and the effects of it on women and men of all social classes. Think about the presence of violence in our community and ways to improve the situation.

Friday: For our discussion we wold like everyone to read both the article in the reader as well as the online nobel peace laureate article. Please focus of the problems facing women today and in trms of the first article. For the second article, consider problems of violence in our world today (shouldn't be too hard at the current time) and possible solutions to these problems.