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Questions for "The Responsible City"

For Tuesday's discussion section make sure you know the factors that spur urban growth and the effects sprawl has on geography, pollution..etc. Also, be able to identify ways to curb urban sprawl using examples from the reader and be able to argue why some of the ideas presented in the reader aren't practical and why they won't work.

Thursday: revised
Come to class well prepared to discuss at the negative consequences of urban sprawl. Also have in mind any positive impacts of urban sprawl from your view as megacity resident. Focus on some of the terms defined in the reading and be prepared to explain them in class.

Friday: We will begin our discussion on "The Responsible City" with a question and answer trivia game concerning the materials in the article. Each person will also be asked to share one interesting facet from the article, so be sure you do your reading. For the latter half of our discussion we will conclude with a brief discussion and summarization as a whole class. Please be sure to focus on specific ways that we can help cities sustain themselves.