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Homework to prepare for the discussion of Reader article #2: An English Speaking World

All students - review the definition of the term diffusion

Discussion sections 1 & 3 - nothing submitted yet.

To all Discussion 2 students for the discussion on September 7th, 2000:

Come to discussion with:

(1) *1 word in the English language that originated from another language (ex. naive

- French),

(2) *1 word in another language that has been influenced by the English language

(ex. seksapil - Russian),

(3) and any questions you may have from the reading, "An English Speaking


*The words must be from your own knowledge or research, not from the reader.

Main Questions to ponder while reading and before the discussion:

(1) "Language is neutral, passive: only the uses to which it is put make it

active. Why is it that English can inspire astonishing affection not only among

those who speak and write it as their mother tongue, but also among those for whom

it is a foreign language?"

(2) "Is English, in fact, "better", "superior",

"more expressive", "richer" than other languages?"