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Homework to prepare for the discussion of Reader article #3: Setting the
Scene and Yanomami Apocalypse

All students - review the Rainforest links

Tuesday's Discussion Section has been canceled.

To prepare for the discussion this Tuesday, please pay attention to the
different ways, strategies, tactics in which the Yanomami Indians and the
Brazilian government tried to pursue their goal of either keeping stability
in their lives or promote urbanization, respectively. There will be a debate
like setup for the discussion, so please prepare well for both sides by collecting
concrete details and evidence to support either side. As for the little five minute
quiz at the beginning of class, as long as you have read the article and know the
main points, you'll do fine. Our group will also provide questions to help the
debate run more smoothly if necessary.

Thursday's Discussion:
Please read the article "Unnatural Selection" carefully. Pay specific attention to
the view-points and actions taken by the Military, the Government, and the
Indigenous Tribes. Please be able to strongly debate each of these angles on
Thursday. Each member of the class will be assigned to a group and as a team,
the members of the group will respond to questions posed by the debate leadership.
Be able to inference the deeper meanings and motives behind the three positions.

. Friday's Discussion:

Our discussion about the Yanomami will focus generally on the

controversial topics. The article was mostly one-sided, but we will attempt
to look at the situation through the eyes of all of the parties involved, for
they all have respectable viewpoints. The discussion will incorporate a
creative and fun activity, including, but of course not limited to the
following ideas:

"At what cost is preserving the lifestyle of the tribe concurrent with common
sense and feasibility?"

"Is the effort to preserve extreme tradition, as such is the case with the
Yanomami, worth it? At what point do say, all right, it is time to progress
along with the rest of the world, face the inevitable"----side question-"What
would a Yanomami tribe member have to say about this statement?

"How did international pressure and media affect the situation with the

We will no doubt develop more ideas for Friday as we continue to plan
out the activities and discussion. Class member should have the article
fresh in mind (even if that means skimming or reading it over again!), as
well as have some specific quotes ready to back up their arguments.