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Homework to prepare for the discussion of Reader articles "Manufacturing Poverty" and "Bio Invasion."
Tuesday's Discussion: The quiz covers both "Manufacturing Poverty" and "Bio Invasion." For discussion, focus on "Manufacturing Poverty," and please think about the mentality, views, and goals of each of the following four groups: Mexican (maquiladora) workers, Mexican city officials, U.S. investors, and U.S. workers (such as those in Watsonville).
Thursday's Discussion:
Carefully read "Manufacturing Poverty" and pay attention to the actions and points-of-view of the following groups: the Mexican Government, Maquiladora workers, U.S. Corporations, and human rights activists. You will be assigned to one of these groups. Be prepared to role play and debate in all four groups. Carefully read "Bioinvasion" and think about why North America has escaped any serious outbreaks when they lack inspectors.
Friday's Discussion: forthcoming . . .