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Homework to prepare for the discussion of Reader article - "Big Business in the Amazon."

Tuesday's Discussion:
Come to class prepared to share a quote from the article that you thought was the most significant, telling the class what you learned from it. Everyone will share one quote and their thoughts about it. Also, carefully read the article, paying attention to the viewpoints of environmentalists, ranchers, miners, and loggers. You will be put into one of these four groups; be prepared to discuss your group's goals and opinions in front of the class. Questions to think about: What would be the best way for Brazil to develop its economy without compromising its environment? What was the Brazilian government's role in this, and what kind of a role should they play in the future? Who benfits from this...the local people and small garimpeiros or big businesses and the government? Why did Fordlandia and Jari fail? What were some of their misconceptions about the region? Do the products we, as consumers, buy have any effects on the Amazon?

Thursday's Discussion:
Please focus on the following aspects of the reading:
-The use of modern technology in the rainforest
-Temperate vs. Tropical Regions--climate
-Environmental repercussions of big business in the rainforest
-The native people of the rainforest

Friday's Discussion:
Read the assigned article. Review the main points such as environmental effects and the 3 different ventures that are being pursued in the Amazon (and characterisitcs of each.). Think of important comments/points to mention in class, as the class will be split into groups, who will have to present to the rest of the class. Questions to think about..Why did Forlandia and Jari fail? Is there really a compromise between preserving the environment and developing the economy in Brazil? Do we (Americans) affect the situation?