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Week 9 -
Questions on California's Golden Road to Riches

Tuesday: Since the article for this week is quite dense, some tips would be to read the first 5 paragraphs of the introduction and the conclusion first to get yourself acquainted with what the author is trying to tell you. You should concentrate on reading pages 122-128 because the discussion for this week will actually focus on the 4 principal components of California's high road to development which are the following: property regime, regional accumulation, resource industrialization, prospector state. So do familiarize yourself with the four points and how it comes to be significant in the larger picture of California's development. In addition, please come to class prepared to share why you believe California is so successful in the capitalist society after reading the article.


Pay close attention to:

also take the advice given above for Tuesday's section. Don't get bogged down with the end notes, or with the memorization of names and dates.

Friday: Think about how the following factors are related to California’s economic success :

also take the advice given above for Tuesday's section.