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Instructions on how to hand in assignments

on paper , on disk, and by e-mail

(last updated August 28, 2001)

Alan Forsberg

Geography Instructor for the Fall Freshman Program at the UC Berkeley Extension

office number: 112 in Johnston Hall

office hours: Tues. 2:00-3:00 pm and Friday 12:00-1:00 pm

To e-mail Alan:

To Submit Assignments on Disc:

If you have reason to submit assignments on disk, hand in copies on two discs in case one doesn't work. Be sure to keep a copy! Please write 'Mac' or 'PC' on the disc label, along with the program format(s) that your assignment was written in (i.e.Word 6.0, Wordperfect 3.5). Don't hand in a disc with other documents that aren't backed up or that you need right away.

To Submit Assignments on Dead Trees*

Let's try to save *paper and the environment by always:

  • printing on both sides whenever possible
  • reducing the font and margin sizes
  • single spacing (I'm not blind yet)
  • double check the document before you execute the print job
  • print it out on the back of misprints (strike out the side you don't want me to read)
  • print out on high recycled content, non-chlorine bleached paper
  • print out on hemp paper or other sustainable fiber sources

  • Avoid the dreaded "PRESERVE" stamp on your assignment.