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Websites about the Weather and Climate

(last updated September 29, 2000)

Talk about the weather

Weather Images Page
U. of I. The Daily Planet
METEOSAT Images from The University of Nottingham, UK
EarthWatch Communications, Inc.
Welcome to the Weather Underground Inc - (U.S. Temperature Map; Forecasts)
WEATHER REPORTS  -  Central Michigan University

Global Warming & Climate Change:

USGS Global Change Research Programs
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
The Whitehouse at Work on Global Warming
The "industry funded" Science and Environmental Policy Project
Environmental Media Services - Climate Change
GLOBAL WARMING Buenos Aires Climate Conference - NRDC
Implementing the Kyoto Protocol
Buenos Aires Climate Post-Mortem- A Worldwatch Institute Press Briefing
Buenos Aires Climate Change Conference - oneworld

El Niño
El Niño Theme Page by NOAA
El Niño: ENN Special Report
El Niño expected to slightly hamper hurricanes (USA Today)
1998 Hurricane Season - Four Hurricanes at Once in the Atlantic Basin - Costly and Deadly
La Niña 1998-1999: An Extreme Climate Pattern Expected
Tracking El Niño - LA Obliterated
Rossby Waves: Oceanography Findings Make Waves