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nationalism: the feeling of belonging to a nation as well as the belief that a nation has a natural right to determine its own affairs.

Poem by Maya Angelou given at President Clinton's Inaugural Ceremony.

self-determination: the right of a group with a distinctive politico-territorial identity to determine its own destiny, at least in part, through the control of its own territory.

sovereignty: the exercise of state power over people and territory, recognized by other states and codified by international law.

centrifugal forces: forces that divide or tend to pull the state apart.

centripetal forces: forces that strengthen and unify the state.

What is nationalism in the former Yugoslavia based upon? What was the root cause of the war in Bosnia?

Supranational organization: (supra=above)
collections of individual states with a common goal that may be economic and/or political in nature and which diminish, to some extent, individual state sovereignty in favor of the group interests of the membership.

examples: EU, NAFTA, WTO

International organization: (inter=between)
a group that includes two or more states seeking political and/or economic cooperation with each other.

examples: OPEC, UN, COMECON


E Pluribus Unum?
"out of many, one"

International and Supranational Organizations 1 - 2