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In-class Assignment
(20 pts.)

Where in the World is Breakfast?

due: Today

As an inhabitant of a core area of the fast world, you base your sustenance on biological and non-renewable resources from distant sources, often including the ecosystems in which indigenous people live."

Use the following worksheet to gather ideas for your 5 minute presentation on "Where your breakfast food comes from."

Do research with reference books and on the internet, then answer the following questions about how you are connected to the livelihood of the world's rainforests and tropical countries.

1) Here are some of the resources you get directly from tropical countries and rainforests. Pick one of the following breakfast products to research.

2) Where does this product come from? Which countries are the primary producers? Where was it originally from and where has it spread to?



3) How is your personal consumption of this product related to where it comes from? What kind of economy does the source country have?



4) Are some supplies of this product more sustainable than others? Does your product come from a healthy rainforest or is it produced by destroying the forest? Are there more sustainable alternatives? How might you change your consumer habits?



Check out these links for more info:

ask Jeeves,
Audubon Society Shade Coffee Campaign
Global Exchange
Rainforest Links

This worksheet is for your own analysis, and will be turned in for credit so be sure your name is on it. Don't forget to tell me where you got your information in a bibliography.

NAMES: ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, ____________________.