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The Distribution of Climate

Essay due in one week.

You should break into groups of three people and choose a Köppen Climate Classification Category from the list below to analyze (only one group per category). Using what you have learned in the class so far, write a group essay describing the characteristics and regional distribution of your assigned climate category , and explain why the climate is located where it is. Then briefly describe the kind of soil and the plants and animals in the biome typical of your climate region. Climate Links will be helpful. Groups will write an essay due one week from the day it is assigned. Groups will later present their findings to class as a review for the midterm. You are encouraged to use charts, maps, and diagrams to illustrate your answer.

Assigned Climates, soil types, and biomes:

1. Tropical Rainforest (Af) climate
Oxisol soil
(ETR) Equatorial Tropical Rainforest biome

2. Desert/Dry (Bwh) climate
Aridosol soil
(DBW) Warm Desert and Semidesert biome

3. Mediterranean / Mesothermal (Csb) climate
Alfisol soil
(MSh) Mediterranean shrubland

4. Humid continental / Microthermal (Dfb) climate
Spodosol soil
(NF/MF) needleleaf forest, montane forest biome

5. Tundra / Polar (Et) climate
Inceptisol soil
(AAT) Arctic Tundra biome
Climate Maps & Köppen Climate Classification

Altitudinal Zonation in the Andes - diagram

The rain shadow effect - Map of rain gauge locations - Orographic Uplift and Rainshadow

Geography of Soils

Ecosystems and Biomes



Hand in the final essay along with full citations and a bibliography to tell me where you got your information. For more information, please read how to hand in assignments.