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Group Presentation
worth 100 points:

You will participate in giving a group presentation July 23rd based on the focus studies of that week. Everyone will have about 3-5 minutes to lecture on the subject (15 minutes per group maximum).


Presentation evaluation:

(To be filled out during each presentation by fellow students)

Please evaluate your peers by giving them a score out of 6 for the following categories:
(Please write additional constructive critiques and comments on the back).

Title of talk:________________________________ Your name_________________

1. _____ Use of graphics, overheads, maps, & pictures for illustration.

2. _____ Use geographic and systems theory concepts, processes, or aspects related to the topic.

3. _____ Organization, content, and focus: did it provide an in-depth analysis of a well-defined topic?

4. _____ Integration of different speakers and topics: are topics related and complementary?

5. _____ Overall impression: was it a quality educational experience?


Please use the following grading criteria:

5 = outstanding, amazing work!perfect
4 = good job, well done.
3 = average job, fulfilled the assignment.
2 = some problems, but a good attempt.
1 = a poor attempt, a lack of focus, a disjointed list of trivia.
0 = left out, unprepared, last minute, a waste of class time, read from an encyclopedia.

Personal Evaluation:

(Optional: due within a week of your group presentation.)

In a few sentences, please describe your contribution to the group's presentation in terms of time, meetings, research, etc. Can be handed in or e-mailed (save a copy).