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City College of San Francisco- Division of Earth Sciences

Geography 4

Spring 2001 - Forsberg


Week THIRTEEN - Colonialism and Neocolonialism in Africa

Key Terms: Mercantile colonialism, industrial colonialism, neocolonialism, extractive infrastructure, technology, nation, state, the division of labor, primary products, GNP/GDP, progress, development, dependency, ecological divide, export earnings.

Study Questions:
What are the main differences between mercantile colonialism, industrial colonialism, and neocolonialism? Why was Africa's political independence from colonialism not accompanied by technological and economic independence? What is the relationship between nation and state in modern Africa, and how has this affected the continent's development? Why are poor tropical countries incapable of securing an adequate level of nutrition?

Week FOURTEEN - Globalization, Global Warming and economic development.

Key Terms: Greenhouse effect, greenhouse gasses, carbon, climate change, sea level rise, core and periphery, economic development, globalization, city-state, sovereignty, borders.

Study Questions:
What is the scientific consensus of the IPCC on what is causing global warming? What can you personally do to help reverse the effects of global warming? What are the impacts of global warming already being felt around the world? Compare the characteristics of a core and a periphery and then describe the relationship between them. What are the economic and political significance of national borders? How have Singapore and Hong Kong affected the regions around them? In a world of emerging region states, what will be the role of the national government? What are the effects of economic and political globalization?

Week FIFTEEN - Middle East & North Africa - water resources

Key Terms: desertification, fund (nonrenewable) and flow (renewable) resources, fossil fuels, watershed, river basin, ground water, nomadic pastoralism.

Study Questions:
Is oil a fund or flow resource? and water? Did the construction of the Aswan Dam improve Egypt's agriculture? What is the relationship between water resources and population growth? What did the Sahara Desert look like 10,000 years ago? What strategies do the Tuareg use to survive in the harsh and unpredictable desert environment? Which regions of the world are expected to suffer catastrophically low supplies of water in the 21st century?


Final Exam Scheduled on Monday May 21 at 6:30 pm