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Unit B - Europe

(last updated 9/9/99)

Links about Europe:

European Web Resources for World Regional Geography
by Robert E. Ford

Maps of Europe
Perry Castañeda Map Collection

Sites Related to This Unit's Concepts:

Nation or State?
Matt Rosenberg - The Mining Company Geography

E Pluribus Unum?
"out of many, one"


Independent States of the World - U.S. State Department list

Ethnologue Database - Nations of the World Listed by Language and Country

International and Supranational Organizations 1 - 2 - 3

The nation state and globalization

The Rise of Business and the Decline of the Nation-state

Strasbourg, France - Information

FAQ's from Spring 99:

Student: What is the difference between the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic Drift?

The Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic Drift
How can an ocean current affect temperatures over the coasts?

Student: The news is currently talking about avalanches in Austria and the number of casualties. However, they fail to mention the suspected causes of such events. So what triggers them? All the news stations say it's been years since such events have occurred, so why all of the sudden are they so prominent?
Also rumor has it, in the U.S., especially around populated areas and ski resorts, officials detonate explosives to trigger avalanches on high peaks. Are the detonations the reason why Americans do not hear much about spontaneous walls of snow killing numerous people?
Places in the French, Swiss, and Austrian Alps are all experiencing more snow and avalanches than they've seen in centuries. Our own Pacific Northwest is registering records for amounts of rain and snowfall as well. The ski lifts are buried at Mt. Baker.
It may be related to the continued strengthening of the El Niño / La Niña disturbance.

Matt Rosenberg of the Mining Company just posted a nice website about avalanches:

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