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Chabot College
GEG 5 World Regional Geography Telecourse

Computer Exercise A

The Search for the True Nation-State

Submit as a group with names of participants listed on the assignment for participation credit.

In your assigned realm, find the best example of a pure nation-state, and the best example of a multinational state with a pluralist society.

Provide each example with demographic statistics and/or a description of the country's population.

Break into groups based on geographic realms of the earth. Review and study the definitions for nation, state, and nation-state in your textbook's glossary. Then, using web resources below, examine the information on ethnicity, language, and culture for each country in your assigned realm.

Choose two countries and describe their people(s):

1) the most multinational country in the realm.

_____________________ _____________________

2) the country that best fits the description of the true nation-state (the borders of the state best coincide with the occupation of the single nation).

_____________________ _____________________

Please compare the data about nations from several sources:

Ethnologue database:
World Atlas Matt Rosenberg
CIA World Fact Book (search for)
How Many Countries Are in the World? Matt Rosenberg:
U.S. State Dept.:
United Nations: