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Chabot College
GEG 5 World Regional Geography Telecourse

Computer Exercise CD

Distribution of Climates

As a group, be prepared to discuss the following questions:
(Use the links below to explore the answers)
What factors account for the geographic variation in climate? How does climate influence human geography?

Climate Maps & Köppen Climate Classification

Altitudinal Zonation in the Andes - diagram

The rain shadow effect - Map of rain gauge locations - Orographic Uplift and Rainshadow

Additional links related to climate:

Local Weather Stations from KPIX

World Climate Data

Köppen Climate Classification System - a summary

Life Zones and Altitudinal Zonation - East Africa's Highest Mountains

Paleoclimatology Program - NOAA

 Central Michigan University

Transportation and Urban Growth

As a group, be prepared to discuss the following question:
(Use the links below to explore the answers)
How have innovations in transportation changed cities?

The Evolution of The Urban Area

Stages in the Evolution of Urban Transportation - Urban Geography at Slippery Rock University

Links to Transportation and Local Area Home pages

Animation of urban growth for the San Francisco Bay area

Map of Los Angeles

Innovative Transportation Technologies

Additional links related to urban geography:

Temporal Urban Mapping

Urban and Regional Information Systems Association

The Urban Institute


Urban Links

Urban Canada