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Physical Geography 100

College of San Mateo Spring 2000

This schedule is subject to change.

(Last Updated February 29, 2000)

Introduction to the Web

 Topic - Links

  Textbook Reading

 Readings Schedule

  Physical Geography and the Global Ecosystem

Map Related Sites, Map Projections Examples

 Introduction Ch. 1  Read by 1/25

 Quiz 1
  Climate Regions and Ecosystems, Global Temperature and Climate Change  Ch. 7  Read by 2/1
  Geography of Soils  Ch. 15 - lecture  Read by 2/8
 Ecosystems and Biomes  Ch. 16
Rainforest Links
 Read by 2/15

Quiz 2
The Rock Cycle, Plate Tectonics and Sea-Floor Spreading   Ch. 8  Read by 2/22
Earthquakes and Seismology , Igneous Activity and Volcanoes, Mountain Building   Ch. 9  Read by 2/29
  Midterm 1  Study Guide

Topic - Links

  Textbook Reading

 Readings Schedule
   Weathering and Mass Movement  Ch. 10  Read by 3/7
  Streams and Stream-Eroded Landscapes   Ch. 11  Read by 3/14
Glaciers and Glacial Landforms   Ch. 14  Read by 3/21

 Quiz 3
  Deserts and Desert Landforms   Waves and Coastal Landforms Ch. 12, 13  Read by 3/28
 Midterm 2   Study Guide  

Topic - Links

  Textbook Reading

 Readings Schedule
Earth-Sun Relationships , The Atmosphere   Ch. 2  Read by 4/4
  Solar Radiation & Temperature Differences  Ch. 3  Read by 4/11

Atmospheric and Oceanic Circulations, Atmospheric Pressure and Winds   Ch. 4  Read by 4/25

  Quiz 4
Moisture in the Atmosphere, Air Masses, Storms, and Fronts   Ch. 5  Read by 5/2
Hydrologic Cycle, Ground Water  Ch. 6  Read by 5/9

   Quiz 5
People and the Environment.  Ch. 17  Read by 5/16
 Final Examination    study guide 5/25 from 11:10-1:40

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