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Class Announcements for Geography 5 at Chabot College

(last updated 12/10/99)

Please take Quiz J at the Test Center no later than noon on Monday, December 13th. All graded assignments and quizzes will be available for pick up Monday night at the distance education office.
Map exercises: Searching for places:
Finding Places - Matt Rosenberg

Quizzes: If for some reason the Test Center does not have a quiz for you to take, please notify Minta Peterson or Elizabeth Grant at the distance education center. They can print more out for you to take.

Don't forget to pick up graded assignments and quizzes at the distance education office. In progress grade reports are also available.
Please not the following ommission from assignment E - You also must submit Map exercise1. p136 - yellow video study guide.

Andes Mountains
Quito, Ecuador
Pará State, Brazil
Belém, Brazil
Amazon River
Baños, Ecuador
Paragominas, Brazil
The Ecuator

Video questions are now available online. Look for links from the assignment pages.
A student asked me how they are to locate places in East Asia on a map of North America. I believe the author of that map exercise wanted students to have an understanding of the relative location of Western North America vis-a-vis the dynamic Asian Pacific Rim economies. To locate these places you can either indicate which direction they are off the map using arrows, or add a small inset map of the entire Pacific Ocean with those locations included.
Several students have submitted more than one map exercise per map making it very difficult to grade. Please be sure to use a different map for each exercise!
ASSIGNMENT DELIVERY - if you mail me your assignment, don't even put my name on it. Please send it to this address:

Chabot College

Distance Education Center Building 100

25555 Hesperian Boulevard

Hayward, CA 94545 - attention: Geography 5

To do well on map assignments, use lots of color, proper symbols or shading, a sharp set of colored pencils (so you can correct mistakes), and be very exact. To find most locations, use your textbook (skim through and look at all the maps), the internet, a library's collection of atlases where you can look up place locations in the index at the back. Be aware that older atlases may show outdated information, especially political locations. Locations not appearing in an atlas may be mentioned in the textbook, or the video series (e.g. a tiny village featured in the video). Expect to spend about a day to complete each assignment.

You can get detailed maps of almost any country or place at the following locations:
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
World Atlas Matt Rosenberg
or many other map resources at my page of map related sites
Classroom change: Geography 5 will now meet in computer lab 705. Please bring a PC formatted 3.5" disk in case you want to save any work. NO FOOD OR DRINK in the lab.
Quizzes: Don't forget you have to take all quizzes in the Distance Education Test Center before the next class. The make-up quizzes taken in class will be shorter, and you will not have as much time.
Please submit each assignment in its own envelope labeled with what it is and who you are. Do not include anything else along with your assignment. Other correspondence should go in a separate small envelope.
The Distance Education Center's phone/fax numbers:
Main line: 723-7016
Fax: 723-7232
The titles of the videos according to the DEC schedule are:

1. Earthly Visions
2. Boundaries and Borderlands

However, the study guide, video tapes, and syllabi refer to:

Programs 1 & 2 Geography a Spatial Perspective:
1. Why Place Matters
2. Understanding Places

These all refer to the first two video programs of the series.

All maps MUST be done very neatly with a very sharp set of colored pencils. You can pack a lot more information onto a map when you use many colors. Checkout the following websites for tips on good map making.

Cartography and Understanding Maps - Matt Rosenberg
Color Use Guidelines - Cynthia A. Brewer
Making Maps Easy to Read

Any bad links, typos, or other anomalies on this website should be reported immediately to me.

To e-mail Alan Forsberg:
(E-mail is not always delivered immediately. If you have an urgent issue or question that needs an immediate reply, please leave a message on my voice mail at 510-723-6600 ext. 2469)

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