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Class Calendar for

Chabot College Fall 1999

This schedule is subject to change.

(last updated 12/6/99)

First Meeting 8/30  
 Video Programs

 Textbook Readings
Assignment Due Dates

Internet Links
(added weekly)

1. Earthly Visions

2. Boundaries and Borderlands

 Introduction & appendix A & C

Assignment A
due Tues. 9/7
(extended to 9/14)

 Unit A- Introduction to Geography

Map Related Sites

Introduction to the Web

3. Supranationalism and Devolution

4. East Looks West

5. The Transforming Industrial Coreland

6. Challenges on the Periphery

Chapter 1

Assignment B
due Thurs. 9/16
(not accepted after 9/20)
 Unit B- Europe

 Meeting 9/20
In class exercise AB

 7. Facing Ethnic and Environmental Diversity

8. Central and Remote Economic Development

 Chapter 2

Assignment C
due Thurs. 9/23
(not accepted after 9/27)
 Unit C- Russian Realm

 9. Inner vs. 'Edge' Cities

10. Ethnic Fragmentation in Canada

11. Regions and Economics

 Chapter 3

Assignment D
due Thurs. 10/7
(not accepted after 10/11)
 Unit D- North America

Meeting 10/11
In Class Exercise CD

 14. Migration and Conquest

15. Andes and Amazon

16. Accelerating Growth

Chapter 4 & 5

Assignment E
due Thurs. 10/21
(not accepted after 10/25)
 Unit E- Latin America

 17. Sacred Space Under Siege

18. Population, Food Supply, and Energy Development

  Chapter 6

Assignment F
due Thurs. 10/28
(not accepted after 11/1)
 Unit F- North Africa & Southwest Asia

 Meeting 11/1
Lecture - Latin America

 19. The Legacy of Colonization

20. Understanding Sickness, Overcoming Prejudice

 Chapter 7

Assignment G
due Thurs. 11/4
(not accepted after 11/8)
 Unit G- Sub-Saharan Africa
 21. Urban and Rural Contrasts

 Chapter 8

Assignment H
due Thurs. 11/11
(not accepted after 11/15)
 Unit H- South Asia

 12. The Japanese Paradox: Small Farms & Mega-Cities

22. Life in China's Frontier Cities

23. China's Metropolitan Heartland

24. The Booming Maritime Edge

Chapter 9

Assignment I
due Thurs. 11/18
(not accepted after 11/22)
 Unit I- East Asia

 Meeting 11/22
In Class Exercise GH

 13. Global Interaction

25. Mainland Southeast Asia

26. Maritime Southeast Asia 

Chapters 10, 11, 12 & appendix B

Assignment J
due *Monday 11/29
(not accepted after 12/2)
 Unit J- Asian Pacific Rim

   Last Meeting 12/6
In Class Exercise IJ

*Note that due to revisions in the textbook, videos #12 and #13 have been assigned later in the semester to fit in with other videos of the same region, however they will be broadcast as scheduled.

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