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Maps and Technology: GIS/GPS Resources:

(last updated April 18, 2001)


Global Positioning System Overview from the U. of Texas, Austin

GPS frequently asked questions

How GPS Works

GPS Links 1, 2, 3, 4

G I S / R S / G P S

Introduction to GIS:

About GIS -- ESRI

GIS Primers: Getting Started with GIS

USGS ­ GIS intro

Kingston Center for GIS

Introduction to GISand Geospatial Data

What is a GIS? - definitions

Getting to know desktop gis


California GIS:

California Geographic Information Association (CGIA)

National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA) at UCSB

Guide to GIS Resources on the Internet - Berkeley

Research Program in Environmental Planning and Geographic Information Systems (REGIS)

GIS at Branner Earth Sciences Library - Stanford

GIS data for northern California


GIS Resources:

GIS From

GIS links

GIS WWW Resources from the University of Edinburgh
GIS Ftp Server Resource List

GIS Data Depot

Gateway to GIS Resources - U.S. Census Bureau

USGS Information on GIS

The GIS Portal - GIS WWW Resources

Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. (ESRI)

Teale GIS Solutions

GIS and Mapping related sites

The Society for Conservation GIS

MAP MAKER - Demystifying GIS - Map Processing for Windows

GIS core curriculum for Technical Programs:


Using Arcivew - Larry Grossman - Virginia Tech

Useful Sites for MapInfo Users

the AGI GIS dictionary

The Census Bureau - Geographic Information Systems FAQ!


GIS Online Curricula

GIS ­ Forestry 503

GEOG-581: Concepts for Spatial Thinking



Map Related Sites