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Research Links for Israel and the Middle East.

This page provides the most informative links to literally thousands of sites on the WWW providing facts and statistics about Israel and the Middle East. Information provided includes political, religious, social, and economic information and statistics as well as links to detailed maps and charts of those regions. This page has been created by Thomas H. Sjolseth, Gregory M. Aronov, Nghiem Hoang, Eli lanczos, and Angela Thompson, students at Seattle Central Community College.


Atlapedia Online

Countries A to Z, maps, full color. Facts, and more...

Maps of the Middle East
PCL Map Collection
UCB Earth Sciences & Map Library HomePage
Berkeley Geography

Geography information on almost everything


Israel's business

Value of Maps

Explanation of maps and help in using them

History of Israel

Click and learn about the history of Israel

Judaism: the Ancient Religion
Society and Culture:Religion:Faiths and Practices

Find out more about Judaism and other religions

A-Z has become Maven
Maven - More than 5,000 Jewish/Israel Links!
Maven - Jewish/Israel Index (Israel)

Almost all of what you need to know about Israel can be found on this page

Israel Activist Center - Tagar at UW-Milwaukee
The Israel Religious Action Center

The leading advocacy group on matters of religion and state in Israel

Official Israeli Governmental Website
Written by Thomas H Sjolseth, Gregory M Aronov, Eli J. Lanczos, Angela Thompson, Nghiem Hoang.
GEG100 - Alan Forsberg