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Chabot College - Geography 5 - Fall 1999
Unit A - Introduction - Due 9/7 (due date extended to 9/14)
Video Programs 1, 2- 20 points
 Assignment A
Submit both map exercises and map constructions.
 Introduction: A Spatial Perspective
DATE DUE: Tues. 9/7 Date extended to 9/14
 Video Programs:  1, 2
 Video Study Guide (yellow)
The Power of Place: World Regional Geography
Chapter 1 Map Exercise 1 
(see below)
 Text: Geography, Realms, Regions, and Concepts read INTRODUCTION pp. 1-40
Appendix A: Map reading and interpretation
 Text Study Guide (green) Geography, Realms, Regions, and Concepts Map Construction: 2 and 3
(see below)
The first assignment consists of the set of video questions I handed out in class, and three maps - both map exercises and map constructions will be turned in along with the video questions. Study all maps, videos, and the readings for the quiz.
In addition to the multiple choice & True/False Video questions I handed out in class
you need to hand in the following three maps:
Use the blank world map from the yellow Video Study Guide:
1. Locate the following places:
Rio Grande River
St. Petersburg
Ciudad Juarez-El Paso
Ivory Coast
Use two blank world maps from the green Textbook Study Guide:
2. Using fig. I-9 (pp. 20-21) as a guide, draw in and label each of the major world
population agglomerations discussed on pp. 18-20 in the text.
3. Using Figure I-12 (pp. 30-31) as a guide, draw in the boundaries of all of the
world geographic realms and label each realm; you should be able to do this by
memory if you have learned Fig. I-12 first.