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Chabot College - Geography 5 - Fall 1999
Video Program 21
Unit H
South Asia
 Video Program:  21 - Submit video questions
 Video Study Guide (yellow)
The Power of Place: World Regional Geography
Test your understanding 2 & 4 p. 191
Map exercise 1 p.191
 Text: Geography, Realms, Regions, and Concepts Chapter 8
 Text Study Guide (green) Geography, Realms, Regions, and Concepts Map constructions: submit 1c, 3b
Study for the quiz H: 1a, 1b,1d
For assignment H you must submit the set of video questions (now available online) the the map exercises and questions from the Video Study Guide (yellow), and *turn in the map constructions 1c & 3b from the  Text Study Guide (green)
For the quiz, study countries of the region, map constructions (those not submited), and places mentioned in the videos.
In addition to the multiple choice & True/False video questions,
you need to hand in the following maps and questions:
Test your understanding p. 191
2. What are the factors that have contributed to Delhi's economic growth?
4. List three problems associated with managing water in the rural areas of India.

Use blank maps of South Asia from the yellow Video Study Guide:
Map exercise 1 p.191- Locate the following places:
Ganges River
Konkan Coast
Western Ghats
Central Indian Plateau
Madhya Pradesh;
Vindhya Range
Malabar Coast
Arabian Sea
Chambal River
Yamuna River
Bay of Bengal
Territory of Delhi

Map construction 1c.
Land bodies: Sri Lanka, Sind, Kathiawar Peninsula, Cardamom Upland,
Thar Desert, Deccan Plateau, Malabar Coast, Coromandel Coast, Konkan
Coast, Golconda Coast, North Indian Plain, Punjab, Indus Plain,
Baluchistan, Assam Uplands, Chota Nagpur Plateau

Map construction3b.
Economic Regions (identify with circled letter):
A- Punjab
B- Assam
C- BiharBengal Industrial Region
D- Chota Nagpur Industrial Region
E- MaharashtraGujarat Industrial Region
F- Delhi Conurbation
G- Sind
H- Baluchistan
I- Hindustan
J- Vale of Kashmir
For the quiz, study places covered in the video and the following map constructions in Chapter 8 of the green Textbook Study Guide:

1a. South Asia's Rivers
1b. South Asia's Water Bodies
1d. South Asia's Mountains