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Web sites related to this week's topic: Urban Geography

(last updated October 10, 1999)

The Evolution of The Urban Area
Stages in the Evolution of Urban Transportation - Urban Geography at Slippery Rock University
Map of Los Angeles
Innovative Transportation Technologies
Urban and Regional Information Systems Association
The Urban Institute
Cities and Urban Geography - Matt Rosenberg
Urban Links
Urban Studies Links
Supporting Materials: Settlements - Urban Geography at Slippery Rock University
Temporal Urban Mapping
City Net
USA CityLink Project
The Impact of Information Technology on Community
Population Estimates for the USA
Map Stats - U.S. by county; Metro Areas

Other Sites:

Subway navigator
Tiger File Map Generator

Center for Urban Studies - Detroit Michigan
Center for Urban Transportation Studies

Urban Motion: The Placeless Company

Urban Education Web
Urban Teachers

Urban Agriculture
Sustainable City Programs
Urban Planning 2010

United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS) Habibtat
Geography sources worldwide