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25555 Hesperian Boulevard. Rm.11OA

Hayward, California 94545

510-723-7016 FAX 510-723-7232


Fall 1999

The Distance Education Center (DEC) is your telecourse information, communication, and support center. We answer procedural questions, help you contact instructors, and maintain files of most telecourse syllabi & assignments. You may also send/receive fax to/from the DEC. Call us anytime. The DEC is open Mondays through Thursdays 8am-7pm, Fridays 8am-2pm.


1) Attendance required


For most courses, students are required to attend five (or more) on-campus meetings of two hours each. At the designated times, students will meet with their instructor and with other students for orientation, lecture, review, and testing.

2) Read/Study: Students are required to read the textbook(s), and/or study guide assigned by the instructor. Books are available at the Chabot College Bookstore, under "Telecourses."

3) Watch Video Series: Telecourse students may view the video series at home or on campus. For most courses, your viewing options include: (a) Record the programs on Chabot TCI Cable (channel 15), or KCSM (broadcast as channel 60). Check the reverse of this page for viewing schedule.

(b) Rent a set of the videos at the bookstore for a $20 rental fee + $50 deposit. Bookstore hours: MTh: 7:45am-7:30pm; F: 7:45am-4pm.

(c) View the videos anytime the Library is open, m the Audio/Visual Center. Call (510) 723-6765 for Library hours

4) Complete Assignments / Exams: Complete assignments assigned by the instructor. Makeup exams may be held m the DEC Test Center only with the arrangement of the instructor. Contact the DEC for the Test Center Schedule.

5) Keep in contact with your instructor: Contact your instructor when you have course content questions, missed a class, or need to schedule a makeup exam. Your may contact your instructor by phone or in person during their office hours, and through voicemail and email.

To e-mail Alan Forsberg:
(E-mail is not always delivered immediately. If you have an urgent issue or question that needs an immediate reply, please leave a message on my voice mail at 510-723-6600 ext. 2469)


Plan Ahead!

While distance education courses allow students flexibility, these courses can demand as much time and effort as classroom courses, plus selfdiscipline. If you fall behind m your course work, don't wait! Contact your instructor immediately. It's Your Responsibility!

If you miss the first meeting you must contact the instructor, or you may be dropped from the course by the instructor. However, it is your responsibility to drop the course. An automatic drop is not guaranteed. Check the class schedule for NGR and "W" deadlines.

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