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Race to Save the Planet Telecourse

Links to updated information on issues and concepts from the video series

RTSP #6 - More For Less - Energy Efficiency and Alternatives

Volvo LCP

Energy Efficiency Strengthens Local Economies
Community Energy Success Stories
POWER PLAYS - How Many Americans to Change a Light Bulb?
Changing Direction Toward Sustainable Culture
Community Conservation in Osage

Biomass Energy 1, 2

Renewable Energy Annual 1999
Urban Energy Systems

Bornholm Island - Environment and Energy

EPA Green Lights Program
Alternative fuels Data Center
Animal fat may be a fuel substitute for natural gas

RTSP #7 - Save the Earth-Feed the World - Agriculture

Agriculture and soils
Agricultural patterns: traditional vs. conventional
Precision agriculture links 1, 2, 3, 4

#696 - Biotech In Trouble--Part 2, 11-May-00
#695 - Biotech In Trouble--Part 1, 04-May-00
#623 - Another Pesticide Surprise, 05-Nov-98
#622 - Seeds Of Destruction, 29-Oct-98

United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service
Introduction to permaculture
Bay Area Permaculture Guild

RTSP #8 - Waste Not, Want Not - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Affluenza, Voluntary simplicity

Recycling in Latin America
National Association of Colombian "Recicladores"
Cash from trash
A tale of two rubbish pickers from China
Managment Of Solid Waste in Mumbai

Health Care Going up in Smoke

The Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ)
Basel Action Network

RTSP #9 - It Takes Political Solutions - Getting organized

Zimbabwe's white farmers face eviction
Archived - Land invasions, Resettlement News - 2001

African Wildlife Foundation- Zambezi Heartland
Southern Africa Wildlife Trust
Zambezi Society Home Page

Zimbabwe Hope
AIDS in Zimbabwe: Photoessay
A Generation of Hope: Children and AIDS in Zimbabwe

Forest Conservation News Today
The Borneo Project
Hazel Wolf 1898-2000

Bangkok Pollution Control Dept.
Bangkok Post Perspective Sunday 03 March 2002 - Give clean air a High Priority

Environmental Investigation Agency EIA

RTSP #10 - Its All Up to Us - Examples of what works

Casmalia, CA update

Lake Baikal Pollution
USGS Fact Sheet: Lake Baikal

Waters of St. Petersburg: Sustenance to Poison (formerly Leningrad)

Wangari Mathai fights for Kenyas Forests

Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP)

Population Clocks-U.S. Census Bureau

Links about the Atmosphere and Ozone Depletion
Links about Global Warming

KYOTO PROTOCOL - Kyoto Protocol News - Global Warming Solution

Earth Policy Institute - Lester R. Brown

Environmental Resources:

EnviroOne - Environmental Information

Environmental World Wide Web Servers

SJSU Environmental Studies Resources


CIESIN Dataset Guide - UNCED Collection

EE-Link - Your Link to Environmental Education Resources on the Internet

Greenpeace - Links

Earth Island Institute

California League of Conservation Voters - Environmental WWW links

Communities for a Better Environment (CBE)


Mexico Links: Environmental Studies and Academic Centers

Environmental Law Links

Environmental Conservation Links

Rainforest Links

Race to Save the Planet Telecourse