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Daily Attendance Summary Questions

In order to encourage more active learning in class and to give feedback to the
instructor regarding concepts that are and are not being covered adequately,
please keep the following two questions in mind during each class period. On
random days students will be given five minutes at the end of class to write
responses to these questions. This will be the means of taking attendance.
Be sure to write your answers legibly in complete sentences!
1. What is one thing that you learned in class
today? (Explain in two or three sentences.)
2. What is one question you still have about
something covered in today's class, or what is
something that you'd like to know more about? (A
sentence or two will suffice.)
You must put your name, class time, and date on your paper.
The instructor will use your responses to plan what should be reviewed and/or
clarified during the next class period.


from Chuck Ziehr at Northestern State University