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Plate Techtonics and Earthquake Links

(Last Updated February 7, 2000)

The Qinglong County Story
A Best Practice case of Earthquake Preparedness in China

20th century earthquake disasters

Plate Techtonics
UC Berkeley

Moving Mountains

Fault animations

Time-Lapse Animations of Activity in Southern California

Whats New with Geodynamics?

Continental Drift

The Dynamic Earth: Earth Sciences at Monash University

Seismology Glossary

Surfing the Internet for Earthquake Data

Earthquake Information from the USGS
USGS National Earthquake Information Center

Welcome to the Global Earthquake Response Center!

ABAG Earthquake Maps and Information
Comprehensive earthquake related info

The World-Wide Earthquake Locator

Northern California Earthquake Data Center Home Page

Earthquake Links 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Alan's World