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Assignment I - Planning a Trip

Due Tuesday August 1st

Plan a trip to a country that is foreign to you. Using library resources, recent travel guides, the internet, and information from travel agents, arrange a detailed day to day itinerary and budget for a long trip (at least 2 weeks) to the place of your choice. Include all aspects of your travel arrangements, sights you want to see each day, how long you plan to stay in each place, how you will get around, a detailed daily itinerary explaining where you plan to stay and eat as well as what you plan to see. Also include a detailed budget showing how much you expect to spend on food, lodging and transportation. It might help to plan the trip around a particular theme. Include travel tips, phrases in the local language, and local customs. Please, no package tours or theme parks - you are to demonstrate that you learned about the geography of place you plan to visit.

Don't forget to include full citations and a bibliography to tell me where you got your information.