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Geography of Climate

As a group, be prepared to briefly present on the following questions:
(Use the links below to explore the answers)
Where is your assigned climate located?
What kind of soil, and what kinds of plants and animals are typical there?

Assigned Climates and soil types:

1. Tropical Rainforest (Af) climate

2. Desert/Dry (Bwh) climate

3. Mediterranean / Mesothermal (Csb) climate

4. Humid continental / Microthermal (Dfb) climate

5. Tundra / Polar (Et) climate

Climate Maps & Köppen Climate Classification

Altitudinal Zonation in the Andes - diagram

The rain shadow effect - Map of rain gauge locations - Orographic Uplift and Rainshadow

Geography of Soils

Ecosystems and Biomes