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People and the Environment: Resource Links

(Last Updated March 13, 2000)

Elemental Geosystems Ch. 17 destinations

Clean Air Act:

The Plain English Guide To The Clean Air Act

Full Text of The Clean Air Act

Earth Summit:

Earth Summit Watch

United Nations - Earth Summit+5

An Introduction to Sustainable Development

An evaluation of Earth Summit +5

Gaia Hypothesis:

The Earth as the Superorganism?

The Gaia Hypothesis - Lovelock & Margulis

Scientists on Gaia

Environmental Resources:

Environmental World Wide Web Servers

SJSU Environmental Studies Resources


CIESIN Dataset Guide - UNCED Collection

EE-Link - Your Link to Environmental Education Resources on the Internet

Greenpeace - Links

Earth Island Institute

California League of Conservation Voters - Environmental WWW links

Communities for a Better Environment (CBE)


Mexico Links: Environmental Studies and Academic Centers

Environmental Law Links

Environmental Conservation Links

Rainforest Links

Hazel Wolf's Webpage

Alan's World