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Links about Europe and Russia:

(last updated 7/12/00)

Maps of Europe
Perry Castañeda Map Collection

Strasbourg, France - Information

Trans-Siberian Railroad Page & Links

Maps of the Former Soviet Union
Perry Castañeda Map Collection

Geography of Russia and the Former Soviet Union

Russia: regions, population, geography

Russian Cities on the Web

Languages of Russia, Europe & Russia, Asia

Dagestan Republic
by the Dagestani community in the U.S.

Dagestan - wild mountain villages, traditional people

Sites Related to This Week's Video:

Nation or State?
Matt Rosenberg - The Mining Company Geography

E Pluribus Unum?
"out of many, one"


Independent States of the World - U.S. State Department list

Ethnologue Database - Nations of the World Listed by Language and Country

International and Supranational Organizations 1 - 2 - 3

The Rise of Business and the Decline of the Nation-state