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Daily Calendar for 
Geography 10 sec.01 M-Th at 12:30
Fall 99 - Forsberg

 Week One

 Week Two

  Week Three

  Week Four

Week Five

  Week Six

Week Seven

Week Eight

Week Nine

Week Ten

Week Eleven 11/29-12/3

  Final Exams

This Calendar is Subject to Change
 (Last updated December 7, 1999)
Attend class and check this Calendar and the Schedule of Assigned Readings to keep up to date.





Week One


G99/00: 1 & 19

"Overviews" pp. pp. 8, 48, 88, 138, 174

Flex Day

Introduction to class

Assignment A: Elective Assignment
due December 1

Lecture on Regions

Atlas of Cyberspaces 1, 2, 3

 The textbook was delayed, so quiz one is scheduled for next week as a practice quiz.

Week Two 9/27-10/1 

G99/00: 2, 15

BGL: 2, & pp. 31-55

Quiz 1
Continents and Oceans

Introduction to Maps



Assignment B: Cartographic Communication

 Quiz 2:
Continents and Waterways


 Week Three 10/4-10/8

G99/00: 6 & 10

BGL: your region

Quiz 3: Projections, World regions


Assignment C: Make a Map
due the Wednesday before you present.

Meet in regional groups

The Apocalypse and Al Gore
(Global Warming)

Systems Theory

Meet in regional groups
Initial Presentation Proposal Due

Week Four 10/11-10/15 

G99/00: 8, 24, 28

BGL: 4


Quiz 4: Cities and Megalopoli of the U.S.

Assignment D:
American Cities


Library visit in regional groups

Initial citations for presentations due

Documenting Electronic Sources

Using Modern Language Association (MLA) Format

Using APA Format

 Week Five 10/18-10/22 

G99/00: 9, 36

BGL: 13


Quiz 5:

Latin American countries

Assignment B due date extended 


Assignment E:
Connections to the Rainforest.

Video: Chico Mendez
Rainforest Links

student presentation on the rainforest

Week Six 10/25-10/29

G99/00: 37 & 38

BGL: 5, 6

 Quiz 6
Countries of Europe & FSU (USSR)

Ethnologue Database

Assignment A: class notes due 

Assignment F:
The Search for the True Nation-State

Caucusus Ethnolinguistic Groups

student presentation:
Life in Paris

Paris Maps 1716-1887

Assignment E due

Midterm Review

Study Guide - sec 1

Week Seven 11/1-11/5

Read for Tuesday:
G99/00: 23 & 31

BGL: 8





Assignment G: Geography Awareness

Quiz 7: Countries of East Asia

Assignment F due

student presentation on East Asia






Week Eight 11/8-11/11

G99/00: 32

BGL: 9 & 12

population simulation program:

Quiz 8: Countries of the Middle East, North Africa, & South Asia

Assignment H:
Online Geography Glossary

Guest Speaker:
Maha el Genaidi

The Islamic Network

student presentation on Iran

Assignment G due
Week Nine 11/15-11/19
 Geography Awareness Week


 Quiz 9:
On Handouts

Assignment I: - Mapping Data with Online GIS



Week Ten 11/22-11/24

G99/00: 33

BGL: 11

Quiz 10: African countries South of the Sahara

Subsistence Farming versus Cash Crops

Lecture on African Colonialism

Assignment J:
Mapping Core and Periphery


student presentation on Madagascar
Assignments H & I due

Thanksgiving Holiday

 Week Eleven 11/29-12/3 

G99/00: 16

BGL: 7 & 10

 Quiz 11: Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia.

Assignment A: class notes due 



Assignment J due

Division of Labor


student presentation on the Great Barrier Reef
Assignment A electives due

Assignment D due date extended

No assignments accepted after today.

The WTO and Free Trade
1, 2, 3,

Global Exchange



Review for the Final Exam

Study Guide Sec 1


 Sec.2 @ 1:30 pm

Final Exam Time:
1:45-3:45 pm
December 8

Sec.1 @ 12:30

Final Exam Time:
11:30-1:30 pm
December 9

*Readings abbreviations:

BGL - Building Geographic Literacy
G99/00 - Geography 99/00
Check the Schedule of Assigned Readings for more details.