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(last updated January 22, 2003)

 Online Atlases and Map Collections
 Online Map Generators
 How Maps are Made
 Map Projections
 Cartography Related Sites
 Remote Sensing

Maps and Technology: GIS/GPS Resources

Online Atlases and Map Collections:

National Atlas of the United States

National Atlas of Canada

The Atlas of South Australia

Xpeditions Atlas

Microsoft Expedia Maps -

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection:

World Atlas: Maps and Geography of the World - Matt Rosenberg -

Finding Places -

UN Atlas of the Oceans atlas

Altapedia Online

Oddens's Bookmarks; The Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping:

Map Libraries via the Borchert Map Library:

Map guide - Links to many direct map sites in the world, organized by continent. You can find maps of countries, regions and lots more.

Map links from the BODLEIAN LIBRARY

World Time Zone Map -

Paris Maps 1716-1887: gopher://

Thomas R. Smith Map Collection:

University of Georgia - Hargrett Library Rare Map Collection

Relief Web: Map Centre

Online Map Generators:

National Geographic MapMachine--online atlas, street maps


Big Book: Look for "Maps" on the lower right:

Yahoo: Look for "Maps" near the top:

Map Projections

USGS Map Projections Poster

Map Projections from the U. of Colorado, Boulder

Area Accurate Map / The Peters Projection:

How Maps are Made - Cartography

Cartographic Communication website -

TopoZone -

Cartography and understanding maps -

The History of Cartography Project Madison Wisconsin:

Virtual Library - Cartography -

General Map Sites - PCLMC

Nerd World

Mercator's World

Mathematics of Cartography By Cynthia Lanius -

Numerical Cartography Laboratory Home Page at the Department of Geography in the Ohio State University. -

Spatial Data Sources -

Academic & Research Home Pages -

Map Links:

Remote Sensing - Aerial and Satellite Photos of Earth


Photos of Earth from Space -

TerraServer -

GIS, Remote Sensing, and GPS -

Earth Viewer:

EarthWatch Communications, Inc.:

NOAA satellites:

Remote sensing links -

Weather and Remote Sensing Links -

Visualization of Remote Sensing Data -

Radar versus visible-light photography

Maps and Technology: GIS/GPS Resources