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Assessing the Natural Hazards of Earthquakes

Group presentation in two weeks.


You are to investigate the potential effects of an earthquake on your neighborhood, and what can be done to mitigate the effects. Students are to break into groups of three to four people who live in the same area.

Gathering data and assessing the hazard:

Determine the location of your neighborhood on a map of the bay area. Then, using the Bay Area Shaking Hazard Maps found at the ABAG Earthquake Maps and Information website , try to determine the potential for damage to your neighborhood due to an earthquake. Try first looking at the "materials" underlying your community to analyze various aspects of vulnerability. You may also choose any scenario or shaking intensity maps to see how these materials will react to earthquakes on different faults. Please explain how you arrived at your conclusions.

Present your findings:

Be prepared to show where your neighborhood is located on an earthquake hazards map and to discuss the potential for earthquake damage. Also explain what are the reasons for the hazard and what can you do to prepare for and mitigate the effects of an earthquake?

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