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Readings Schedule for

Geography 10 - Summer 2000 - Forsberg

(Last updated August 1, 2000)

*This schedule is subject to change*

Attend class, check this schedule to keep up to date.

Week One:

Geography 00/01:
#1. "Rediscovering the Importance of Geography"
#19- "The Importance of Places . . ."
#27- "Does it Matter Where you Are?"

Building Geographic Literacy:
Chapters 1, 2, 3

Lecture on Regions

Web Sites for: Geography 00/01

Introduction to the World Wide Web
Map Related Sites

 Quiz 1:
Study the first week's readings, & on the blank world map found on p.35 of BGL, be able to find the continents listed in Building Geog. Lit. p.33 and the waterways listed in table 3-1 on p.55.

You must complete only 4 assignments

Assignment A: Make a Map

Assignment B: Cartographic Communication

 Week Two:

 Geography 00/01:
#8. "Lead in the Inner Cities"
#14. "Sprawling, Sprawling"
#28- "Transportation and Urban Growth" 
#18. "A Greener, or Browner, Mexico?"

Building Geographic Literacy:
Chapters 4, 13

Urban Geography
Rainforest Links
Links about North America
  Quiz 2: 
Study this week's readings, & be able to locate assigned locations in North and South America:
the cities on the map p.77 (in BGL), All of the countries of the Americas.

Assignment C: Mapping Data with Online GIS: Assessing children's risk of exposure to lead.
Assignment D: American Cities
Assignment E: Connections to the Rainforest.
Regional News Presentation (mandatory)

 Week Three:

Geography 00/01:
#21. "Europe at Century's End: The Challenge Ahead"
#41 "Russia's Population Sink"

Building Geographic Literacy:
Chapters 5, 6

Links about Europe and Russia

  Quiz 3: Study this week's readings, & on a blank regional map, be able to find the assigned locations of Europe & FSU (USSR):

All the countries mentioned in the readings related to language, the industrial revolution, and the countries of NATO and the EU. The Alps mountains, the Rhine River, the Danube River.

Assignment F: - The Search for the True Nation-State

MIDTERM -- Tuesday
(Study Guide)

 Week Four:

Geography 00/01:
#42. "China's Changing Land: Population, Food Demand and Land Use in China"
#35 "Before the Next Doubling"
#36. "The Population Surprise"

Building Geographic Literacy:
Chapters 8, 9

Links about East and South Asia

 Quiz 4:
Study this week's readings and on a blank regional map, be able to find the countries of East Asia, South Asia and the Middle East (Southwest Asia only) and the following rivers: Tigris, Euphrates, Jordan, Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra, Chang Jiang (Yangtse), Huang Ho (Yellow)
Assignment G: - Mapping Populations

 Week Five:

Geography 00/01:
#39. "A Rare and Precious Resource"
#43. "Helping the World's Poorest"

Building Geographic Literacy:
Chapters 11, 12

Lecture on African colonialism & Africa links

Oman Links 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

  Quiz 5:
Study this week's readings, & on a blank regional map, be able to find countries in all of Africa and relate them to their colonial origins. You should also know the location of the Nile, Niger, and Congo rivers, and Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Nyasa.

Assignment H: Explaining population growth
Assignment I: Plan a Trip

 Week Six:

Geography 00/01:
#4. "World Prisms: The Future of Sovereign States and International Order"
#20. "The Rise of the Region State"

Building Geographic Literacy:
Chapters 7, 10

Links about SE Asia & Oceania


Division of Labor

 Quiz 6:
Study this week's readings, & on a blank regional map, be able to find the countries of Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia and relate them to their colonial origins .You should also know the location of the Mekong and Red Rivers as well as the following islands: Borneo, Sumatra, New Guinea, Jawa, Timor.
Assignment J: Mapping Core and Periphery
Assignment K: Keep track of your grade (mandatory)

(Study Guide)