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GEG 10 Introduction to Human Geography
De Anza College
Winter 2000

Syllabus Details

Weekly Class Schedule

Class Calendar

Citations and Bibliographies

Daily Attendance Summary Questions

Regional Group Presentations (done the week we cover your assigned region)

Assignment A - Make a Map - due the Wednesday before you present.

Assignment B - Cartographic Communication

Assignment C - Mapping Data with Online GIS

Assignment D - American Cities

Assignment E: - Connections to the Rainforest

Assignment F: - The Search for the True Nation-State

Assignment G: - Mapping Populations

Assignment H: - Contributions to an Online Geography Glossary

Assignment I: - Plan a Trip

Assignment J: - Mapping Core and Periphery

Assignment K: - Keep Track of your Grade (mandatory)

Web sites week one: Introduction to the World Wide Web

Web sites week two - Map Related Sites

Websites week three - Global Warming 

Websites week four - Urban Geography

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