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Introduction to GIS

University of Santa Clara Summer 2001

Instructor: Alan Forsberg.

 Subject and GIS links
Introduction to Map Making with a GIS.
What Is a Good Map?
Elements found on virtually all maps
Cartographic Communication - U. of Colorado, Boulder
Web-based data and map sources.
ESRI ArcData Online
Guide to Mostly On-Line and Mostly Free U.S. Geospatial and Attribute Data
Readings: from GIS 585: Locating GIS Data pp.7-22
Finding Data
Data Wharehouses

GIS Data Depot
Gateway to GIS Resources - U.S. Census Bureau
The GIS Portal - GIS WWW Resources
GIS data for northern California
1990 Census Lookup - by zip
Using interactive web-based GIS systems.
U.S. National Atlas, ESRI ArcData Online, U.S. Census Bureau's TIGER Mapping Service - TMS Version 2.5, US-Mexico Demographic Data Viewer, SanDiego/Tijuana Interactive Atlas
Window to My Environment, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP), GeoTracker, Oakland Unified School District's map center, City of Oakland's online mapping site.
City of Berkeley's parcel notification system,Free GIS, Free GIS Stuff,
 Introduction to DEMs and TINs. Microdem, TerraExplorer
USGS DEM status and download
USGS Map Finder
Overview of Elevation
Digital Elevation Data Catalogue

Finding Data for 3D Terrain Modeling

The GeoCommunity GIS Data Depot Other GIS/Geo Sites