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Population - distribution and structure

World population density

Mexico population distribution

Why is population distributed unevely?

> Accessibility and relative location
> Topography and soil
> Climate and weather
> Water availability and quality
> Resources
> Historical circumstance
> Cultural significance

World Population & Income 1988

World food production

In addition to geographic distribution . . . Demographers also display the structural variation within particular subgroups of a population.

Population pyramids

Population pyramids show a composite of the age and sex of a given population.

Population projections

Population dynamics and processes

How do people enter and leave a given population?

Births and Deaths

> Crude birth and death rates expressed as a ratio per 1000 people.
> Which countries would have a high birth rate?
> Which would have a high death rate?


Total fertility rate (TFR) is the average number of children a woman will have between 15-49 years old.

Natural Increase

Births - deaths = natural increase

Doubling Time

Life expectancy:
The average number of years an infant newborn is expected to live.

Infant mortality
Access to drinking water.

Over 65 year olds

Dependency ratio:
measure of the impact of the young and old on the more economically productive members of the population

Economically active men and women over 60. In some parts of the world, men and women must continue working as senior citizens.

Why do parents choose to have children?