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Fundamental concepts of spatial analysis - lecture notes

nominal ­ place names
absolute ­ mathematical coordinate systems/ GPSrelative ­ site and situation
cognitive ­ mental maps, perception, opinion

The first law of geography:"Everything is connected to everything else, but near things are more related than are distant things"

absolute ­ miles, kilometers, feet
relative ­ in terms of time, effort, cost
cognitive ­ personal judgements

Friction of distance: the deterrence or inhibition of distance

Distance decay function: the rate at which a process or activity diminishes with distance.

absolute ­ square miles/kilometers
relative ­ topological space: connectivity of points in space
cognitive ­ defined and measured by values, feelings, beliefs, perceptions.

Accessibility:opportunity for contact or interaction between locations ­ influenced by connectivity and barriers.

What are the fundamental principles of spatial interaction ? Complementarity, Transferability, Intervening opportunity, diffusion

Complementarity: supply and demand between places

Transferability: cost and ability to move something

Intervening opportunity: alternatives along the way

Diffusion: the spread of a phenomenonstructural vs. dispersal characteristics.