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World Urbanization today:

world city:
cities in which a disproportionate part of the world's most important business is conducted.

condition in which the population of the largest city in an urban system is disproportionately large in relation to the second and third largest cities in that system.

the functional dominance of cities within an urban system.

rank-size rule:
a statistical regularity in city size distributions of cities and regions.

very large city characterized by both primacy and has high centrality within its national economy.

informal sector:
economic activities that take place beyond official record, not subject
to formalized systems of regulation or remuneration.

condition in which cities grow more rapidly than the jobs and
housing they can sustain.

shock city:
city that is seen as the embodiment of surprising and disturbing changes in
economic, social, and cultural life.

urban ecology:
the social and demographic composition of city districts and neighborhoods.

squatter settlements:
residential developments that take place on land that is neither owned nor rented by its occupants.

Comparing the urban structure of American Cities with Latin American and African cities, what differences do you notice in where different neighborhoods are located?



Questions about the video on Sao Paulo, Brazil.