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GIS Data and Map Services - Feature (ArcIMS)

Map Services - Feature (ArcIMS)
You can look them up yourself at:

Examples of free Map Services that work in ARCEXPLORER. When you add a layer, choose 'www' and copy and paste the blue url of the Map Server listed below. When it comes up, choose the map service that may be listed in red below. Explore other map services.
SanDiego GIS -
San Francisco/Boston Historical GIS -
San Francisco - Map Service: bard
San Francisco - Map Service: SanFrancisco

SEAsian Popn GIS San Joaquin Valley - MapService: sjv_trt_pct_se_asian_fs
Weatherdata surface- Map Service: surface
Spain Basemap GIS
World Bank Global Data - MapServer:
Baltic Environmental Atlas - Map Service: grid_baltic (often unavailable for ArcExplorer - try it in a browser)
FireDetection - MapService: ActiveMODISFires

GEOGRAPHY NETWORK map services: (sometimes unavailable)
All from Map Server:

SanDiego 1mtr - Map Service: SI_SanDiego
MetroDEM - 3d DEM of Cities Bldg ftg/ht Map Service: I3_Nyc_FS
HUD development Projects - Map Service: HUD_Projects_FS
CA Watersheds - Map Service: Calif_Watershed
Toxic Superfund Sites - Map Service: EPA_Toxic

Other sources of GIS Data:

GIS Data Depot

Gateway to GIS Resources - U.S. Census Bureau

USGS Information on GIS

The GIS Portal - GIS WWW Resources