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Personal project 2 updates - due at the end of each class.

Please describe your progress by numbering your answers to all of the following questions:

For your proposal update please specify:

1. What is the purpose of the project - what is the geographic question do you hope to answer?

2. Describe the GIS compatible datasets you have already acquired - Raster? Vector? Tabular? Please give me the web address of the data source if it is not from the computers at school.

3. What concepts and tools learned so far are going to be used to complete the project? (overlay, buffering, query builder, etc.)

4. Are there additional datasets or tools and concepts you want me to show you so you can complete the project?

5. Are you encountering any technical problems?

The more detail you can provide, the more feedback and better help I can provide.

Still trying to find a feasible project?
Assessing children's risk of exposure to lead.

similar projects analyzing tabular data could include:

Site a new school or hospital in your community.

Where is the best place to open my new business?